Worrisome legal shenanigans to keep ABB in the loony bin for life

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In summary, the Norwegian minister of Health is pushing for an amendment to the law on mental health care that would allow individuals convicted of atrocious acts, like mass murder, to be held involuntarily in psychiatric care if the government believes they may be at risk of a revenge attack from the public. This amendment is seen as a response to the 1981 law that prevents anyone from being sentenced to more than 21 years in prison. However, this amendment is considered dangerous by some, as it could potentially be used to imprison individuals for "inciting hate and fear" under the guise of protecting them.
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Our minister of Health is trying to speed through an amendment in our law on mental health care so that it becomes law prior to the conviction of Anders Behring Breivik (his trial begins in April, and is estimated to last two months):

In this amendment, people guilt of atrocious acts (specified example in law: mass murder) can be held involuntarily in psychiatric health care, IF..the government has reason to believe he or she may be vulnerable to a revenge attack from the general populace.

That is: Life imprisonment for your own good&safety.

This is a VERY dangerous course by which desperate Norwegian authorities try to rectify the utter folly from 1981, where courts were specifically forbidden to sentence anyone, for any crime, to more than 21 years in jail.
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Seems like a slippery slope to me, much like the Homeland Security crap in the US. I don't know anything about your governmental structure, though, or hence the public's ability to do affect the law.
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It is a damn slippery slope, indeed.

For example, if a person is found guilty of "inciting hate and fear" by his words, that law might be used to keep him locked up "for his own good", since so many are angry over what he said..

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1. What are the reasons behind ABB's worrisome legal shenanigans?

The reasons for ABB's worrisome legal shenanigans could vary, but some possible explanations could include mental illness, personal vendettas, or a desire to gain attention or notoriety.

2. Is ABB likely to be successful in their attempts to stay in the loony bin for life?

It is difficult to predict the outcome of legal proceedings, but it is unlikely that ABB would be able to successfully remain in a mental institution for life without valid medical reasons or a court order.

3. How do ABB's actions impact their mental health treatment?

By engaging in worrisome legal shenanigans, ABB may jeopardize their mental health treatment by causing further stress and potentially damaging relationships with their healthcare providers.

4. Can ABB's behavior be considered criminal or dangerous?

This would depend on the specifics of ABB's actions, but if they are engaging in illegal or potentially harmful behaviors, it is possible that their behavior could be considered criminal or dangerous.

5. What steps can be taken to address ABB's worrisome legal shenanigans?

Depending on the situation, legal action or intervention from mental health professionals may be necessary to address and mitigate ABB's worrisome legal shenanigans. It is important to assess the situation carefully and take appropriate steps to protect both ABB and those around them.

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