Medical 'Worst drugs' - trying to find a page

  1. 'Worst drugs' -- trying to find a page

    I remember reading a web page (maybe several pages on wikipedia) that talked about
    horrible drugs that were used only in extreme circumstances. These drugs had
    horrible side effects and perhaps low efficacy. They were rarely used. I remember
    an ampule on the WP page. I've tried some search key words such as 'drug of last
    resort' and 'worst side effect medicine' and stuff like that, but it all comes up with
    top ten list crack cocaine bullcrap.

    Can anyone suggest how I can progress in this search?

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  3. berkeman

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    maybe add -cocaine to the search terms?
  4. How about this. Does anyone know of a particular drug that is very rarely used, is a last resort when it is used, is administered intravenously, and has horrible side-effects, so that one may say that 'the cure is worse than the disease' when discussing it?
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    Indeed, I think chemotherapy qualifies: the dose is designed to just not kill a person.
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    Thalidomide maybe?

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