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Worth investing time to learn Workbench

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    At my company no one really uses it but I know ANSYS is pushing its development. I am young in my career and I am wondering if I should just focus working in standalone or focus performing analysis from the workbench platform. Do I lose anything doing CFX or something from workbench. I know for FEA there are some things that can be done via ADPL that cannot be accomplished with workbench. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    It really deends on what kind of modeling you will be doing, and how advanced you want to get in your setups. In my opinion, 90% of ANSYS' capabilities are captured in Workbench, and the last 10% can be controlled through command scripts in the model tree (still in Workbench).

    Workbench provides a more intuitive GUI interface with strong visualization capability, I think it's worth knowing.
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