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Would I do well in physics majors?

  1. Jun 7, 2012 #1
    I would like to be a physicist, I've always been fascinated by this field, but what I was afraid of is that It will be hard to continue to MA and PhD because of the difficulty of physics, and end up being a physics teacher at high school.. im finishing 12th grade now and my grades in maths and physics are always around 70%.. would I make success later on?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Who can predict the future?
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    I would like to see opinions of people who entered that field.. I guess I'm asking whether or not it is too competitive
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    Not if those study habits don't change. High school grades really don't matter once you're in college, so long as you turn things around and start earning higher marks. You'll be retaking physics, and likely starting at the bottom of the calculus ladder (or lower, depending on how you test on the placement exams). Like everyone else. It's a great opportunity to change the way you study and start out 'fresh'. If you were a 3rd year Physics major this would be a different conversation. xD

    People (the average person) can succeed in physics and math if they put in the work. Only you can know if you're willing to do that.. for 10+ years of your life. If the interest isn't there you just won't have the proverbial fuel to burn through those years and you'll give up and change your major/drop out. Again, only you can know.
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    There is no clear indicator for who will be successful in physics and who won't.

    However, when your high school grades are hovering around the 70% range, that's not something in your favour. Marks mean a lot as you transition from high school to your undergraduate courses. They count for less as you move on. But the flag in your case is basically a question. Are you really understaning the material? If you are and your marks are mediocre because you just aren't applying yourself, then that's something that needs to change. If you are really struggling at the high school level you have to keep in mind that the material doesn't really get any easier the further you go in academia.
  7. Jun 8, 2012 #6
    Well, the overall of my grades is always around 85%, so fitting into college isn't a problem for me.. so I think I will be doing physics and i do have the intention of investing a decade or so in that.. hopefully I will be going to college by the end of this summer which is exciting, but I hope my parents won't be irritated when I reveal my decision..

    and thanks for your answers :)
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    This is like asking if a marriage will work out. The answer is always, " No, they never work out." If a marriage works it is because the two people had a driving passion to make it work under all conditions. If you have a Passion for physics and a strong desire and willingness to make it work, then it will work.
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