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Writing teacher complement letter

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    My friend was moved the way his psychology teacher gives lectures. He is considering writing a few paged essay, detailing why the lectures are so good, and effective. He asked me if it's ok to send the letter to the principal of the universitly. I really don't know. Could it hurt the professor in any way?
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    How could getting a compliment for giving a good lecture be in any way detrimental?

    Not only that, if your friend is saying why its good then its also giving constructive feedback.
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    If your school does end-of-term ratings on profs, that might be the more appropriate time to do it, but otherwise I don't see how it can hurt.
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    Most schools give out teaching awards to recognize the best of the best (and these may or may not be worth anything when it comes to promotion evaluations and such, depending on Department and institution, amongst other factors). If your friend is truly moved, and truly feels the teacher is the best they've ever had (with some amount of experience), the first step is to getting the teacher one of these awards is usually to contact the Department Chair and get said teacher nominated, because really good teachers are a prized commodity, and should be recognized for it.
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    I don`t get how it could be hurting; but I have a request: can I/we have a copy of the feedback?
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    Yes, if he is really impressed with his professor, have him send a copy of the letter to professor's department chair as well as the professor. That might help with either promotion/tenure or obtaining teaching awards. And the professor will probably be thrilled to have a compliment rather than complaint sent!
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