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Ye garments and ye images of ye garments

  1. Jul 8, 2010 #1
    All right, drop the lab coats and headgear, because it's time to get a bit fashionable! Show off your favourite or recently attained clothing, or simply torture us with your horrid sense of fashion!

    I've recently attained something of an affection for denim jackets, personally. These are two I bought quite recently;


    Additionally I bought this button-down yesterday; I haven't worn any of those in a while, but I really fell for this one. Sadly they didn't have the pink/purple variant in medium...

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    I haven't bought any clothing recently and no, I'm not going to attach a photo.
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    I like your fashion sense. The second denim jacket is the nicest.

    I might as well mention that I bought a pair of heels the other day. No one is interested in seeing shoes though. :biggrin:
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    Pssst, I loo:!!)oove shoes, especially high heels! Here's one of mine

    [PLAIN]http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/7163/img0036hl.jpg [Broken]

    ALL of my shoes are high heels, I even wear them for looooong hours during work.. Yeah it hurts, but they look cool! :biggrin:
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    Nice tubba! Oooh drizzle pretty shoes, but not to wear all of the time. Get some sensible shoes too.
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    Yeah Evo, if I only can be sensible :P
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