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An image (from Latin: imago) is an artifact that depicts visual perception, such as a photograph or other two-dimensional picture, that resembles a subject—usually a physical object—and thus provides a depiction of it. In the context of signal processing, an image is a distributed amplitude of color(s). A pictorial script is a writing system that employs images as symbols for various semantic entities, rather than the abstract signs used by alphabets.

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  1. T

    Line of charge and conducting sphere (method of images)

    I was thinking of using the sphere and point charge as an analog, but is quite diferent from what i have seen
  2. B

    Python BigGANModel -- Trying to train a model to generate images

    I am trying to train a model to generate images, I have a dataset of over 17K of men posing. I have been training my model for a few hours now and Sadly all I am getting is this: Also my d_loss=-9.79e+3 how is it Negative ? here is my code: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- """BigGANModel.ipynb...
  3. milkism

    Method of Images, combination of an infinite plane and a hemisphere

    Problem: I have done part a) in spherical polar coordinates. For part b) I thought it would be just: $$\sigma = -\epsilon_0 \frac{\partial V}{\partial r}$$ But I got confused by "You may want to use different coordinate systems .." So I assume partial derivative w.r.t to r is the spherical...
  4. .Scott

    B Images with CMB used to Illuminate Dark Matter

    A collaborative effort is yielding a Dark Matter picture of the universe from microwave (CMB) data collected by the Atacama Cosmology Telescope. Major sections of the sky have already been imaged. Those are shown in the image below as the red/blue speckled regions (from a University of Toronto...
  5. B

    Python Colab doesn't save cycleGAN images correctly

    Hi everyone, I made an implementation of the cycleGAN model but I find a strange problem. If I run the model with a PC supplied to the university it works, while on Colab, it saves me empty PNG files. Consider that I use a standard GPU on Colab. This is my code to save the generated images...
  6. J

    Method of Images from an earthed half cylinder and plane

    Hi, I want to solve the problem by method of mirroring and by using the electric field by doing superposition and then adding them up to use in Lorentz law to get the force. I have attached a figure that represents the problem. How do I know from the figure that $-p_l$ is from the...
  7. BWV

    AI creates images of what people see from just an fMRI

    Here is the image viewed by the test subjects vs the image generated by an algorithm interpreting a brain scan of the subject https://sites.google.com/view/stablediffusion-with-brain/
  8. fluidistic

    I tested Dall.e 2, an AI that creates images from text

    So I tested ChatGPT's cousin, Dalle.e 2. It is said to create images from text, and the website suggest to be very explicit in the description of the image, add many details, to get a good picture. My mind started to wander... Would I finally get a pic of Einstein battling dinosaurs, or having a...
  9. sinus

    I Grounded Means Zero Electric Potential: Exploring the Method of Images

    Can anyone explain to me why grounded means zero electric potential. I confuse what's the relation between infinite ground conducting plane and its electric potential (the method of images). I have a several question: 1. Why the conductor plane must be infinite, while in reality there's no...
  10. sinus

    I The Method of Images (Electromagnetism)

    Can anyone explain to me why grounded means zero electric potential. I confuse what's the relation between infinite ground conducting plane and its electric potential (the method of images). I have a several question: 1. Why the conductor plane must be infinite, while in reality there's no...
  11. B

    Python Converting grayscale images to RGB with Tensorflow

    Hello! For my project I need to converting some images from grayscale to RGB using Tesorflow. My code is this: image_grayscale = tf.io.read_file('image_bw.png') image_grayscale = tf.image.decode_png(image_grayscale, channels=1) image_grayscale = tf.convert_to_tensor(image_grayscale[:,:,:3])...
  12. josephsanders

    B Method of images and spherical coordinates

    I am finding the potential everywhere in space due to a point charge a distance 'a' on the z-axis above an infinite xy-plane held at zero potential. This problem is fairly straight forward; place an image charge q' = -q at position -a on the z-axis. I have the solution in cartesian coordinates...
  13. M

    I Deciphering the Symbolic Shapes in Fundus Images: A Question on their Meaning

    Hi, I currently have to do with fundus images ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundus_photography ). I am wondering, if someone has an idea, what the meaning of the rectangle on the sphere means? (marked in the following in green) At this images it looks like a rectangle, I also saw some fundus...
  14. B

    Python Generating images with CNN

    Hello everybody, I have this problem: starting from a vector of 100 random values, I have to generate an image of size 128x128x3 using a model consisting of a fully completely layer and 5 layer deconv. This is my model def generator_model(noise_dim): n_layers = 5 k_w, k_h = [8, 8]...
  15. GhostLoveScore

    B Effect of JWST mirror damage on final images

    As most of us know, James Webb Space Telescope suffered a damage to one of its mirror segments due to meteoroid impact. How will that damage show in the images? Some people on certain forum I visit say that there will be some artifacts visible in only one part of the image, but that doesn't...
  16. B

    Python Loading .nii images while saving memory

    Hello everybody, for my Deep Learning exam, I have to develop a project that provides for the generation of 3D images in format .nii using the DCGAN algorithm trained with some real images of MRI scans of brains of patients with Alzahimer. I have a serious problem. I should load three different...
  17. Drakkith

    Cartoon Spider Walking a Dog in the Rain and Other AI Generated Images

    So I just discovered DALL*E, an AI that generates images based on text descriptions input by the user. And it is FANTASTIC. Fantastically amusing, that is. The images are generated in blocks of 9, and are VERY strange. The full version is a commercial product I believe, but there's a 'mini'...
  18. T

    Stargazing Size of Star Images: Electronic Effect, Feynman Paths, or Daft Question?

    Images of stars taken by Earth based telescopes can be enlarged by atmospheric fluctuations, but images of bright stars taken by Hubble are also large. Is this the result of some electronic effect in the camera pixels whereby the intensity of light falling on a pixel can cause adjacent pixels to...
  19. guyvsdcsniper

    Method of Images for a single point charge in a capacitor

    Disclaimer: This is not a repost. The problem wants me to calculate the force of a p.c. , that is isolated by itself (this p.c. is the only charge this problem starts with in this problem) inside a capacitor, a distance h/4 from the bottom plate. This is what I have though of so far but I...
  20. guyvsdcsniper

    Method of images between parallel plate capacitor

    Before I can find the force on q I must balance the charges. This problem starts of with -q and q inside the capacitor. I have added image charges on the opposite side of each plate. Would this work?
  21. Philip Koeck

    A Magnifying diffraction patterns and real images

    I've been playing around with geometric optics a bit and started wondering whether it's possible to magnify both the real image and the diffraction pattern with the same lens setup. With a single lens both become larger when the focal length is increased (as along as it stays below the object...
  22. PhysicoRaj

    Stargazing Level of details in prime focus vs eyepiece images

    I hope this is the right place to ask this. I was clicking the Sun a few days ago with my beginner scope and a DSLR. The scope is a 60mm aperture f/12 refractor and the DSLR is a Canon SL3 (APS-C 6000x4000). First I used a 20mm eyepiece (35x) to view the sun, saw it in all its glory, the...
  23. F

    Virtual Machine and Images

    Hello, I am about to create (should I say install?) a virtual machine (VM) on my Windows pc to experiment with Linux. My understanding is that a VM is a "software" (or is it more properly a file? Or is it an image? I guess an image is just a big file?) that is run/managed by a hypervisor...
  24. F

    Pixelation of bitmap images (pixel size, pixel density, resolution)

    Hello Forum, I am attempting to understand what causes pixelation when a bitmap (jpg, png, etc.) image is enlarged. Bitmap images have a resolution indicated as the number of pixels along the width and height of the image itself. On the other hand, computer monitors also have a physical...
  25. DhruvSorathiya

    I Simulating Star Images for Star Tracker Testing

    I am working in a student satellite team and we are working on development of star tracker. So for the testing of it, we will simulate some star images on LCD, but the problem is that rays coming into the star tracker should be parallel as original stars are at infinity. So my question is that...
  26. Killtech

    I The world from a bat's perspective (sonic images)

    Disclaimer: This will be a lengthy post and it will take me a little time to outline how this is related to this forum, so please hang in with me here please – and for everyone that makes it to the end, thanks for taking the time. So let’s start with the premise that we want to make a 3d game...
  27. jaumzaum

    Can we see real, inverted and magnified images without a screen?

    I was wondering, if I put an object in the left, a convergent lens in the middle, in such a way that I create a real, inverted and magnified image in the right, and I observe the lens from the right side, in such a way that the image is formed behind me, how would it appear to me? I cannot...
  28. BillTre

    Gorgeous Corona Virus Images

    Here is a Carl Zimmer article in the NY Times showing some fantastic images of the corona virus. These are mostly computer generated images (pretty common these days) based on cryo-EM (Electron Microscopy) and biochemical/molecular biology type data. They are very well rendered, down to the...
  29. Spinnor

    B The Hubble Telescope Images a Magnificent Galaxy With “Flocculent” Spiral Arms

    Had to Google Flocculent, adjective having or resembling tufts of wool. "the first snows of winter lay thick and flocculent" having a loosely clumped texture. "a brown flocculent precipitate"...
  30. DennisN

    Apollo 13: What did the crew see when they looked out the window?

    Nice photos here: Apollo 13: Enhanced images reveal life on stricken spacecraft (BBC, 13 april 2020) http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-52264743 Amazing to see these photos, particularly since it became such a dangerous mission due to the accident, or maybe I should say "problem"...
  31. P

    Programming a Diffraction Pattern by the (pseudo?) method of images

    I oriented a magnetic dipole perpendicular to the hole (parallel to the ŷ ŷ y^ŷ direction) with one end at it's origin and I get the following pattern I was really looking for something like this As you can see I'm getting almost the exact opposite of what I want since I'm going for...
  32. Avatrin

    Creating noise images with Python and OpenGL

    Hi I am learning how to do a line integral convolution with OpenGL given a vector field. So, as a first step, I need to learn how to create an nxn noise image. Are there any good tutorials/books I can use to learn how to do this?
  33. P

    Can't See Images? Troubleshoot Here!

    Hi, is the correct picture this one: or: Not sure why can't you see them. When I open this post incognito mode i can see them. first one: https:// imgur.com/p6YSBOs second one: https:// imgur.com/a/UhAmJKF (remove space before i to open them)
  34. JD_PM

    Understanding how to apply the method of images to the wave equation

    Exercise statement Find the general solution for the wave equation ftt=v2fzzftt=v2fzz in the straight open magnetic field tube. Assume that the bottom boundary condition is fixed: there is no perturbation of the magnetic field at or below the photosphere. Solve means deriving the d’Alembert...
  35. S

    Periodic images of dipole line charge followed by a vacuum space

    Can I sum up the potential due to all positive line charges and all negative line charges separately, with the boundary condition being at the edge of my unit cell, the potential should be the same and inside the metal there is a contant potential?
  36. sdefresco

    3-D Planar Method of Images Boundary Problem

    I understand the idea of the method of images, and its clever use of uniqueness to determine V(x,y,z) for non-trivial systems. My question now is simply about guidance for obtaining the effective "image" of this system, as it is clearly more complicated than the 2-plane analogue (in which there...
  37. D

    I The Shadow Of An Atom - False Colour Images Reveal Structure

    I've been adding some renderings I did of the M87 black hole on a different thread and was asked to elaborate on the source of this technique which was investigating images of the shadow of an atom. You can look up the original experiment on Google, as well as observe the final image. The...
  38. O

    Looking for an app to demonstrate motion via multiple exposure images

    I am introducing uniform and accelerated motion in a 6th grade. To demonstrate the difference I would like to use multiple exposure photography (like in the image below) in the classroom. There are many apps to make serial shoots and other apps to overlay them artfully. I am looking for an App...
  39. Spinnor

    NASA NASA Captures First Air-to-Air Images of Supersonic Shockwave

    https://www.nasa.gov/centers/armstrong/features/supersonic-shockwave-interaction.html “We never dreamt that it would be this clear, this beautiful.” Physical Scientist J.T. Heineck of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California gets his first glimpse at a set of long-awaited...
  40. DaveC426913

    Folder Images Viewer: Quick Script for Webhost Viewing

    Is there any kind of utility or even a quick script-on-a-page I can drop into a folder on my webhost that will let me view all the pics in that folder without having to itemize them? I just want a utility that goes 'here is a (full-size or thumbnail) list of all images in this folder (on my...
  41. Auto-Didact

    A First Images of our SMBH

    Issaoun et al. 2019, The Size, Shape, and Scattering of Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz: First VLBI with ALMA The image wasn't in the paper, nor is this an image from the Event Horizon Telescope, as I expected it would be. In either case, the image (courtesy of phys.org) can be seen here:
  42. Phylosopher

    I Solar Images Data: Where to Find?

    Hello everyone,I am trying to acquire the data used to make solar images like in this link. For various wavelengths, but mainly for visible. And, honestly I am having a problem finding the data. I am assuming that these images are made using a set of data for each, am I wrong? I don't have a...
  43. T

    I Images of elements in a group homomorphism

    Why does the image of elements in a homomorphism depend on the image of 1? Why not the other generators?
  44. starstruck_

    I NGC7741 Imaging: Should I Stack Images Through IRAF?

    Hey! So, I took images of NGC 7741 at school using CCD Soft. The field view looked exactly how I would expect when aligning to my galaxy, so I'm almost 100% my galaxy will show up once I stack my images ( I took a set of 20 with 1min exposure). I tried to check by stacking through PixInsight...
  45. B

    No problem, happy to help! Keep up the good work in your studies.

    Homework Statement The z = 0 plane is a grounded conducting surface. A point charge q is at (0,0,a), and charge 4q at (0,-2a,a). Calculate the potential in the region z > 0. Homework Equations V=∑kq/rThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] Use the method of images. V1 = kq/r+ + kq/r- V1=kq(1/sqrt(x^2...
  46. ChemAir

    Morning images of Tropical Storm Michael

    Oh well. Not working right for me.
  47. T

    I Neptune images from VLT better than Hubble

    New adaptive optics does an amazing job. https://cdn.eso.org/images/screen/eso1824a.jpg http://www.eso.org/public/usa/news/eso1824/ Many more hits at: https://www.google.com/search?&q=neptune+very+large+telescope
  48. Math Amateur

    MHB Homomorphic Images of Free Modules .... Bland, Proposition 2.2.6 .... ....

    I am reading Paul E. Bland's book: Rings and Their Modules and am currently focused on Section 2.2 Free Modules ... ... I need help with some aspects of the proof of Proposition 2.2.6 ... Proposition 2.2.6 and its proof read as follows: Near the end of Bland's proof we read the following: "...
  49. P

    I How is color added to Hubble images?

    http://hubblesite.org/reference_desk/faq/answer.php.cat=topten&id=93 So, I found out that the images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope are not colored but black and white and colors are added to them later. I thought that the way you figure out what colors are present in your object(s) of...