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  1. C

    Looking for small ideas -- items which demonstrate interesting/educational things

    Hi. I'm a retired several-sciences guy, a STEM Ambassador encouraging kids to look at science, hopefully fostering interest. I'm also interested in microscopy. I/we are looking for ideas for small items which demonstrate interesting/educational things, for kids to look at through microscopes...
  2. curiousman

    Ultrasonographic images

    Hi team of experts, Firstly, I'm not a physicist so apologies for the high level of ignorance. How do ultrosonographic images work? Let's assume I want to observe dynamic changes within a specific area of the body. What type of dynamic changes are detected on those images? Thanks, Jose
  3. UsableThought

    Bug Bug - images are attached even if I just want them displayed

    Normally I use the little "cute sunset image" icon on the rich text editing bar to include photos in a post (it's the icon to the right of the smilie icon and to the left of the film frame icon). And normally, no problem. However, for the post below, I am finding that no matter what I do...
  4. heavystray

    Thick convex mirror or a thin one for the anti-theft mirror?

    the question in my exam goes like this: should we use a thick convex mirror or a thin one for the anti-theft mirror? the given answer: thin, because a thin convex mirror does not form multiple images can someone please explain to me why a thin spherical mirror does not form multiple images...