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You come in this world with nothing and you die with nothing

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    Many of us ponder... "What is our purpose in this world we live in? Is there a God of such, or is there a (reason) we are here?" I like to believe, life actually does have a meaning. That meaning is to "reproduce". The meaning of HUMAN life is actually very simple... "Life is what ever you make of it." Life just wants you to reproduce, it doesnt care about anything else, but to be on top of the food chain. Now then meaning of "your" life is totally different than the meaning of another individuals life. Thats why i use the saying, "life is w.e you make of it."

    For example, if your having a good day because mommy gave you a dollar, the only reason your havin a good day is because YOU accepted that dollar, and you allowed yourself to be happy. Now on the other hand, if someone snataches that dollar away, and you become mad, then you allowed that person to piss you off. You created the happiness and you let the other being piss you off.

    Now, what i believe. You come in this world with nothing, and then you die with nothing. You come in this world, not knowing who mommy and daddy is, until they go.. "Say mommy, now say daddy" so your brain confirms, mommy and daddy. You came in this world clueless.. No intelligence, not knowing what is "bad" and what is "good" to society. So you came with nothing. Now when you die, you gain alot, but what keeps us thinking and processing is our brain, and other parts of our body as well but nevermind those areas lets stay focus on the most important part... The brain! :) Anyways, when you die its like you lost all 5 senses therefore you no longer a human, to others you are consider a human because they can see you, but to you... You are gone. Nothing. Alll that knowledge you gained.. just gone.. But you know thats partial of what i believe so, i hope you guys will enjoy it lol if you read it, and if not, then oh well i have nothing to lose. :) You can only gain in life... Please feel free to give your thoughts.
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    The "meaning of life" is an ambiguous term. The word "meaning" could mean a "purpose" or an "intention" which implies that there is someone (a conscious being) responsible for the purpose or the intention. Therefore by asking "what is the meaning of life?" - the question indirectly assumes that someone is behind the creation of life, and then asks what did that someone meant when creating life? Or add your own subjective meaning to mean whatever you want.

    The why question is similar:

    "why did life happen?" or "why are we here?" is in a way directed at a conscious being on the other side. It demands a personified answer and if you can't supply such answer then it will become more confused.

    To rectify this, one may be more precise. You can ask

    what is the definition of life?
    when did life occured?
    where is life?
    how did life arise?

    Also, happiness is a psychological state, it occurs when certain levels of neurotransmitters are released in the brain, and certain neurons fire. But some people are unable to reach to this state due to depression or other psychological disorders. How can then, a meaning of life be a pursuit of happiness if it doesn't apply to all people?

    my 2 cents.
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    I came into this world with this body, and when I leave it will remain. The little spark of intrinsic motion that I feel as me will also remain as a part of this gravity well we call earth. I did not come from nothing and I will not return to nothing. Where does the idea that we come from nothing come from?
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    Very well said, i see exactly where you are coming from.
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    You come in this world not knowing anything, and when you die you cant carry it on with you, so you die with nothing. Only thing that makes us know what we are doing, is consciousness. When you open your eyes, you are aware of your surroundings therefore, everything is "real". But when you close your eyes, what determines what is "real"? If you lost all 5 senses, you no longer exist. To the other beings you exist but to yourself you do not exist. Its all basically consciousness. Let me know if i got anything "wrong".
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    Reality can be phychic. If you think long enough about certain aspects, you can easily lose your mind.
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    Lol I wrote a "This I Believe" essay on "Life is What You Make of it", but it kind of sucks.

    And as Don Juan said, "Thats all there is to reality - What you felt".
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    I believe God created us for a purpose and so on.
    However, when you say that we come into the world knowing nothing you are wrong. Babies cry because their hungry, etc, and yet they haven't really achieved a level of consciousness. As a believer a think that God instilled in us a level of morality and ethics - something which science cannot greatly explain.

    "Also, happiness is a psychological state, it occurs when certain levels of neurotransmitters are released in the brain, and certain neurons fire. But some people are unable to reach to this state due to depression or other psychological disorders. How can then, a meaning of life be a pursuit of happiness if it doesn't apply to all people? "

    Love this quote. Atheists usually say that as far as morality and ethics go, all man wants to do is achieve the most happiness - they say it's why we don't go round killing people, etc. But as the quote mentioned, it can't apply to all people. But yeah...dunno if you guys really understand what i'm saying.

    I ask you to please respect my beliefs.
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    There is no meaning of life that applys to all people... It's different for every person. Pursuit of happiness may be the meaning of life for me, but not you, it really depends.
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    Yes, but that is not the atheistic argument for moral and ethics. For example. The meaning of life for me might be to kill everyone alive. I want to be the best, the greatest, unstoppable and indestructible. How do I achieve this? - I destroy everyone around me. Piece by piece I rip apart the world so that I may achieve my own sense of the meaning of life - complete domination. But is this morally correct? Why not? I'm following what makes me happy.
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    Whos to say what is correct and what is not? Not that I agree with the above argument.
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    why dont we accept that we are in this life,and try make the most of it.this most is a very subjective issue,you could spend your life as a volunteer to help the sick and poor,or to save money for any physical ends,or try to invent something for humanity.i found the best way is not to think about it ,but rather indulge in it in any way you see appropriate to yourself.may be you need some prozac or effexor,seriously,i was depressed may be 8 years ago,and still on medication and got married,this has done wonders and has turned me into regular life and thought again.
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    Chi Meson

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    "You're born with nothing, you die with nothing! What have you lost?

    "Always look on the bright side of life!"
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    I came into this world as a collection of molecules with the potential to reach consciousness based on its fitness in natural selection. I die because living forever it not necessarily evolutionarily fit.
    My consciousness is simply this, and nothing more, but it doesn't mean I can't have a hell of a good time with it.
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    There's no such thing as "atheism." Just go to Richard Dawkin's forum (http://forum.richarddawkins.net/) and you'll see what I mean. Although these guys profess "atheism," they are really agnostics (go to the forum page that has the "many degrees of atheism" quiz and they'll tell you that there's no such thing as pure, unadulterated atheism; that even among their most militant members there's a degree of agnosticism to their beliefs).

    You are correct in saying that most atheists are hedonistic and pleasure-seeking, and that these two "qualities" are the only reason for our continued existence (but then they contradict themselves by saying there may be 'higher powers' or 'providence' or anything else consistent with agnostic thinking. They are a confused lot...)
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    I disagree strongly with this and so does Dr. Roger Penrose. Read the Emporers New Mind if you don't believe me.
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    The wise man does not ask such questions.
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    I was not trying to sound serious.
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    Lol I don't really care about the terms. But yeah, I find that sort of belief really inconsistent.
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    Countdown to thread strongly tied to religious discussion being locked or deleted.
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