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Before you die, what do you want to see become a reality

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    Without being ridiculous and try to keep it within the boundaries of what could be possible, what would you like to see become a reality more than anything else?

    Some examples:

    Discovery of life elsewhere.
    Servant robots.
    Digitisation of the brain.
    A cure for cancer.
    Conclusive proof other dimensions exist.
    How the big bang happend.
    Discovery of another universe
    World Peace.

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    Live a long life, raise a family, and spend my life doing the things I love.
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    I'll give in to the beauty queens and say "world peace". There will always be disagreements and conflict, but it would be great to see killings stopped, especially the killings of innocents.
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    World Peace, but since this is impossible to happen anyway I would choose discovery of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. As intelligent as humans at least. Within this context, I would like to see a human-alien collaboration.
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    Discovering life on another planet would be the biggest discovery since Newton discovered gravity.
    I would choose that.
    Even if it was just some coherent radio signals from elsewhere in the universe of alien music or maybe even their voices, I would die happy.
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    A sustainable Earth.
    A discovery of some kind of extraterrestrial life.
    A quantum theory of gravity.

    Oh, these are modest wishes :smile:.
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    Based on your examples of what you think is possible within a current lifetime...I want my replicator. Tea! Earl Grey. Hot!
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    I'd really like to see quantum computing become a reality, along with the discovery of intelligent life or the gradual colonisation of Mars. I know there are so many variables where the colonisation of Mars is concerned but with the rapid development of technology, I'd like to think it is doable.
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    Assuming they don't cost much to build, or in terms of energy to operate, these would be my choice, too.
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    Better mental health care system.
    Discovery of alien life , intelligent or not.
    More opportunities to make a living for pure mathematicians and theoretical physicists.
    Less importance given to money and possessions.
    Better education system.
    More general respect for the elders from the younger generations.
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    More general respect from the elders for the seventh generation........
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    I don't know what the seventh generation is.

    I guess I should also have said that I wish for better overall parenting in the world , but all of these ideas are wishful thinking at it's finest.
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    D H

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    I vote for ect.
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    I'd like all humans to have self-determination, and to respect others' right to self-determination as well.
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    Scentless scented car air fresheners.
  19. Aug 10, 2013 #18
    Itd be nice to be happy
  20. Aug 11, 2013 #19

    D H

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    I'm not sure either. It is one of the choices offered, and none of the others grabbed me:

  21. Aug 11, 2013 #20


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    You could make one with a box of earl grey, a robot arm (like on Back to the future), a supply of hot water, a microphone and a raspberry-pi trained to detect the word Tea from Evo. The arm slides a cup into place drops an earl grey teabag into it and then activates the hot water controls and bingo hot earl grey tea.

    Future models can include other teas, condiments and some fancier programming.

    Or you can franchise a StarBucks and let the barristas do it.
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