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Z factor in renormalization disappeared?

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    Suppose you have λø4 theory and calculate the bare 4-point function:


    We then take a measurement at (s,t,u)=(0,0,0) and call the result λR. Then


    But isn't this also the finite, renormalized [itex]\Gamma_R(s,t,u)[/itex]? We didn't use any Z factors to convert bare to renormalized, instead we just plugged in a measurement.

    Shouldn't the relation be [itex]\Gamma_0(s,t,u)=\frac{1}{Z^2}\Gamma_R (s,t,u)[/itex]
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    Never mind. When you make a measurement at (s,t,u)=(0,0,0), you're really measuring [itex]Z^2 \Gamma_0(0,0,0)[/itex], since the pole of each propagator contributes Z and each external line has [itex]\frac{1}{\sqrt{Z}} [/itex]. So [itex]\lambda_R=Z^2 \Gamma_0(0,0,0) [/itex], leading to


    which is correct to order λ2.
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