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Zombie epidemiologist models bieber fever

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    This is the same mathematician who did that paper on the zombie apocalypse a couple years ago:

    pdf here
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    LOL, why do certain people become celebrities? WHY???
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    I bet the authors have teen/pre-teen daughters. Maybe this work is a coping mechanism?
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    It's no joke. I was in the mall and just passed by some pre-teen girls. Too late, I realized that this infection fever had taken hold of me. Now I only want to hear Justin Beiber songs. I am no longer interested in the old classics like the Monkees, the Jackson 5, and the Archies. Don't let this happen to you. Stick bubble-gum in your ears.
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    Are you a teenaged girl, Jimmy? From what I heard it was only contagious amongst girls.
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    It's possible. I've had so many sex change operations I can't remember what I started out as. And I'm many times over a teenager.
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    TLC scourges such as the HBB contagion have higher KMN death rates.
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