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Atomic, Solid State, Comp. Physics

- Exp. & theo. methods for atoms, molecules, condensed matter
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Feb23-13 08:41 AM
1 26,221
Why does the electric force vectors around a positive charge point outwards and the electric force vectors around a...
T 02:29 AM
3 343
Say we have a one dimensional chain of N mass points separated by springs of spring constant k. This system can be...
Y 09:00 PM
1 86
I have seen in some books that the triclinic bravais lattice ( a≠b≠c , α≠β≠γ ) excludes explicitly the option that...
Y 01:35 PM
0 87
how the dispersion relation(i.e. E-k relation) affects carrier mobility in metals or semi-metals?
Y 11:40 AM
5 2,138
According to solid state texts in Brillouin zone borders where diffraction condition satisfies we have a band gap....
Y 03:17 AM
4 695
Basically, I've written some code that take as inputs 1)Basis vectors 2)lattice translation vectors and computes the...
Y 01:34 AM
M Quack
1 178
Hello, I would like to implement SAB=<psiA|psiB>which is the overlap of two Kohn-Sham determinants (psiA and psiB...
Sep16-14 05:55 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 293
In solid state physics the "holes" usually regarded as an effective positive charge carriers. In order to have...
Sep16-14 04:47 PM
5 205
I was looking for information on how the photo electrons are emitted when under X-ray radiation. In this ancient...
Sep15-14 09:36 AM
5 1,640
Hi there, I have been researching an optical Ring Resonator and have been given the following values: FSR=100GHz,...
Sep15-14 01:01 AM
0 231
I have seriously stocked in the subject below. According to Ashcrift & Mermin (chapter 13): If the electrons...
Sep13-14 03:03 PM
M Quack
1 377
Hi everyone, I'm little bit confuse about non destructive techniques such as XRD (X-ray Diffraction) and Raman...
Sep13-14 02:53 PM
M Quack
3 304
Hello every one, Here in below figure we can see an ohmic contact formation between a metal and n-type...
Sep11-14 02:17 AM
0 328
In Kittel's solid state text, problem 2.3, he says that the volume of the Brillouin zone is the same as a primitive...
Sep9-14 10:09 AM
M Quack
1 439
The torque contribution due to the uniaxial anisotropy is given by the equation below \frac{\Gamma}{l_m K} = (2...
Sep8-14 11:08 AM
3 369
Hi, I am having trouble with this concept... "A mean speed (c) is calculated by multiplying each speed by the...
Sep7-14 12:33 PM
5 417
We read that when a crystal used in the Mössbauer effect is cooled we enhance the odds of a nucleus emitting a gamma...
Sep7-14 08:55 AM
2 242
I understand there is some "leakage" current in a reversed biased diode but I don't understand why there is...
Sep6-14 10:10 AM
20 587
Are delocalized holes and trapped holes (polarons) mutually exclusive? Most of the density functional theory...
Sep6-14 02:31 AM
5 339
Hello, If we let U and V be two single determinant wave functions built up of spin orbitlas ui and vj respectively,...
Sep5-14 10:16 AM
1 290
I am conducting an experiment on the parabolic trough that concentrates the solar light and heats up water. I am using...
Sep4-14 06:49 AM
2 313
I have some XPS spectrums that I am trying to fit (my first time doing so), using XPSpeak. I understand that for...
Sep3-14 06:50 AM
2 514
Hi! Is anyone familiar with generating band structures from DFT simulations? I am using graphene, and am trying to...
Sep2-14 01:46 AM
3 2,811
How can we translate real-world positions into a computer language? An example would be to simulate a ball bouncing...
Sep1-14 10:50 PM
2 386
I have done the computations of band structure of cobalt adsorbed graphene. In 3x3 supercell of cobalt adsorbed (one...
Sep1-14 08:32 AM
2 406
After specifying the primitive vectors of a structure namely (a,b,c) in Wien2k, one has to specify locations of atoms...
Sep1-14 07:51 AM
3 480
Would one expect the emission and absorption spectral lines for Hydrogen to be at slightly different frequencies ? So...
Aug31-14 01:57 PM
7 630
I was reading about ferrofluid and I was wondering how you would go about calculating the maximum size of a particle...
Aug31-14 12:55 AM
12 451
"Volume of a primitive cell is independent of the choice of the cell." Why?
Aug29-14 07:41 AM
M Quack
1 386
Hi Physics Forums! I'm a bit stuck here. I'm fairly sure I intuitively know the answer here, but am looking for...
Aug27-14 06:07 PM
1 399
Hi, there. I don't understand how the light travel in the medium which has the index of refaction below one from...
Aug27-14 07:53 AM
Simon Bridge
2 396
When light passes in glass, water etc then velocity is reduced and direction changes HOW?
Aug25-14 07:50 AM
2 435
I'm writing a little bit of Mathematica code that should be able to make a reasonable powder diffraction spectrum. The...
Aug23-14 03:52 PM
M Quack
4 546
All the books that deal with the p-n junction under applied bias asume that the same equations used for the...
Aug21-14 03:05 AM
2 1,202
Why are absorption cross sections for atoms so much larger than that of molecules. For example, the absorption...
Aug21-14 02:33 AM
Simon Bridge
4 534
Dear mates: During ionization with radiant energy there is a photon emission (see ...
Aug20-14 09:56 PM
3 439
Hi people, I'm researching about the interactions of two carbon atoms using the Lennard-Jones potential and I need...
Aug19-14 09:15 PM
2 620
I am trying to understand what is meant by the phrase 'absorbed and emitted bosons'. Is it the same as destroyed and...
Aug19-14 12:41 PM
2 520
Hi, I have a question regarding the temperature dependence of the light yield in scintillators. I will attach a...
Aug18-14 12:32 AM
2 540
what is the rule of delta E= A/r^12 _ B/r^6 ????
Aug16-14 05:04 PM
1 490

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