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Dec13-03, 07:25 AM
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Numbers or the language of numbers, has not been a very meaningful language for me. That might say it all. In physics, I am the person who lives in the tropics speaking to the person who lives in the snow, about snow. Say I reach my understanding of 'what is' by a different language, that of art, or of music or of philosophical enquiry or of deep meditation and reflection and the development of a deeply attentive ability to see or listen, could these be considered valid constructions of meaningful truth for humanity?

If culture becomes shaped purely by the principles and axioms of a strictly scientific, empirical enquiry, are we in danger of creating exotic can-openers for a void of meaning? Whether a tale or not, is the idea of spirit more constructive to the human race than a mathematical principle which disables by its very parameters of meaning-bestowing via a very specific set of calculations. Man could find himself living on the moon or mars but is man a worthy inhabitant or merely a clever form of bacteria?

Something pretentious, something foolish, childish, worshipful, something artful may be required in our natures to off-set the dangers of the new God, Science, in interaction between nature and human, being.