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Dec16-03, 12:20 AM
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That last post especially made me smile. Yeah...Barrow already leads me to understand that we are essentially made from the stuff of stars, which is rather cool (after it stops being so hot)in my opinion. Baked in the oven of a dieing sun. Something like that?

One day, I really sincerely do hope to be able to wrap my mind around the beauty of mathematics. When I see formulas, it makes little sense to me. When you explain physics to someone like me, it helps when you use pictorial references of language. In my head, it fits better somehow. The graphics-chip inside sets to work.

Last night, while I was on my way back from the shop, I saw a woman whizz by on a set of roller-blades. She called out to her partner behind her 'It's amazing how such small wheels can take you such a long way'. That statement, cried out in exuberance, I really wanted to tell you as soon as I heard it. Bringing things back to intuitive physics, I felt it was a potent, if unconscious, allegory to quantum physics. I wanted to know your thoughts.