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Jan24-07, 03:44 AM
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Since our charge is located at (a,a) the image charge to make the bottom plane
arounded is loacted at a point (a,-a)
WRONG... the charge is located at (a/2, sqrt(3)/2) as in the figure... and the image charge
is (a/2, sqrt(3)/2)...

Now for hte plane at 60 degrees. the image charge has to be located a distance a/2 from the plate but at an angle.
Yup.. you are correct...

Is it safe to assume that this point is going to be on the Y axis?? such that it turns into the placement like in the diagram??
WRONG... the image charge is not on the Y axis....

Finding the coordiantes of this point is what is troubling me.
Then hard work on it...

i think to neutralize the potnetial at the origin im goig to need three more charge located diametrically opoosite location. So in the end we will have 6 charges?? I am currently working on it.
Yes, you will end up with 6 charges (including the original one)...