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May6-07, 03:34 PM
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I think that your too rigid in your thinking.
Nope. This is a basic law of physics. They are rigid and to think they can be bent is foolish.

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With a 6" x 4" paddle wheel design fan blade 50% of which is inside the tunnel, the resistance would be negligable vs. the potential power production.
So how far are you willing to take this? Negligible input with power output? You do realize what you are saying here right? Now I can understand that there may be more air flowing than necessary so a paddle wheel slowing things down wouldn't matter. If that's the case then it would be more efficient to change the fan or slow it down so there is less energy used by the fan which leaves more net energy to be used for something else which in your proposed generator would be produced but with a loss due to inefficiencies between the motor/fan and paddlewheel/generator.

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We all understand the prior concept noted but this is an existing exhaust fan with a harnessable resource, at least I think it is, up to a point where the resistance is too great and impedes the functionality of the exhaust fan.

There is no difference. Existing fan... Existing moving vehicle...