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Jul9-07, 10:25 AM
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Assuming special relativity is correct no, we can't. We generally assume relativity is correct at the moment, so you would be wrong. The speed of light is the speed limit for the Universe, as far as we know and as yet no one has disproven this fundamental law.

This thread might help:-

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The Universe has a fundamental symmetry, called Lorentz symmetry, which causes to exist an asymptotic* upper limit on all relative speeds. Objects with mass can never reach that upper limit. Massless objects (such as photons) must travel at that limiting speed, and no other. These are consequences of the mathematics of Lorentz symmetry.

This obviously begs the question, "why does the universe have Lorentz symmetry?" Nobody knows. (Or at least there is no generally accepted answer, as far as I know.) This is the ultimate answer to all "why?" questions in physics, by the way. The answer to any "why?" question leads to another "why?" question, and ultimately we always come to one that we cannot answer in the context of physics, at least not yet.
* An asymptote is a value that can be approached but never reached. Except in the case given here.