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Jan18-08, 09:44 AM
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Ok, then I think I roughly see your reasoning, I just wanted to check what your thinking was, because I like most of your posed questions about QM issues in past posts, but not always your answers. This intrigues me.

I appreciate Smolin's question in that papers. I also share your views that a fundamental theory should resolve the issues with the QM formalism.

But this point (common reasoning to stat mech) is exactly what I do not quite like about his supposed resolution.

This relates to

"A possible solution to the problem of time in quantum cosmology"

where Smolin ponders

"What is then needed is a new approach to statistical physics based only on the evolving set of possibilities generated by the evolution from a given initial state."

Isn't it interesting that the foundational issues of QM, really seem inseparable from issues arising in QG? This is why I have problem with the idea that these aren't related. To me the "new statistics" I seek, that I thought Smolin was afte in the above paper (but then again, maybe not?), should answer to us what inertia is, and how the inertia proves to be a key to the stability in a new crazy statistics.

If anyone on here, radically differs in the view from anything yet put forward, it would be interesting to here a completely new perspective? anyone?