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Jul12-08, 11:19 PM
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I'd say it wasn't very feasible at all: whilst you may be able to learn some theory during your maths degree, you will have zero practical experience (which, i gather, is quite important for a mechanical engineer!) It would be way better for you to just go to a different university for undergrad so you can take mech eng.
Transferring now would mean a total of at least 5 years spent on undergraduate education (I want to major in economics, too). We have a 3+2 program with Georgia Tech that gets me a liberal arts bachelors from Emory and an engineering bachelors from GT; however, that process takes a total of 5.5 years (it's actually 3+2.5). So I figure it would probably be more advantageous to end up with a masters in engineering after 6 (or maybe slightly more?) years, no?