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Aug6-08, 03:54 PM
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So, you're trying to finish a four-year degree in 2.5 years and are surprised that you haven't seen advanced topics? "There is no royal road to geometry", and just because you're older than the norm doesn't mean you magically don't have to spend as much time as everyone else...
I really don't think that's the issue. Somehow if I sat on my butt all summer instead of taking classes I would be in more advanced classes? Granted there is the one scheduling conflict I mentioned with Intro to Topology, but that could have happened anyway. In general I've just been taking classes to fulfill the requirements for my major along with whatever seemed interesting. I never knew I should be doing anything else.

This is all very depressing. Despite the general crappiness of my school I was really excited to be there and felt like I was finally going somewhere after wasting the previous 10 years of my life. And I started to look forward to grad school too. Now I feel like it has turned out that the last 2 years were a waste of time too and maybe I will have to discard or dramatically lower my grad school expectations. I have no idea what to do.