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Aug6-08, 10:06 PM
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Just a question, I am by no means a astrophysicist... just a lowly thinker who doesn't think much

a multiverse exists and we exist in a multiverse

our universe in the end is doomed by our own gravity, resulting in "the big crunch"

there will be another (or infinitely) big bang due to the crunch...

if all known laws of physics do not exist at the end of the crunch

that some force at this point, may exist strong enough to repel energy (visible light, micro, etc) from other universes, kinda the opposite of what a black hole does?...

what i am getting at is if this is all possible: multiverse, big squeeze, big bang... can it be possible that our universe is in a infinite loop within a multiverse?

once again I am only an occasional reader of some basic astrophysics and basic quantum so dont be too harsh...
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