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Aug18-08, 04:38 PM
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Welcome, Danie

What happens in the core is all pure hypothetical, since we have only some very indirect observations. The wiki ref of tiny-tim is certainly true qualitatively but there is no way of quantifying the concentration of heavy elements in the core as well as their contribution to the terrestrial generated heat. There are more hypotheses going around, none of which can be selected as being the right one.

The iron - nickle abundance is no doubt related to the total abundance of those elements in the solar system, whereas the heavy elements are much more rare.

Another element could be, the order in which compounds became fluid or not, during the -hypothetical- iron catastrophe

But in the end it's all a sophisticated guess.
Gee, I thought it was one big diamond at the centre... or is that Jupiter

Actually, I'd like to ask a question related to this one.... and that is why is gold associated with volcanic activity? Does it get separated out by extreme heat or is it of greater abundance in the liquid magma surfacing during a volcanic eruption?

Many thanks!