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Sep7-08, 08:58 AM
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If you want to study for a PhD in nanotechnology, then it will most likely benefit you to obtain a masters degree in either physics or chemistry (or some combination of the two). That course you link to appears to be mainly focused on engineering...
I have read some nanotechnology experts' CV's and found that many of them also come from engineering backgrounds.

Maybe you can shed some light on another alternative, can someone get a Master's in physics or chemistry with a BS in business?

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Phase 1 is pretty much the same as just getting your Bachelors in Engineering. If I were why not just go for your Bachelors in Engineering altogether first, after that you'll have a better chance getting into Graduate school in Engineering?
Actually it's shorter and doesn't include English and elective courses.

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To be honest, this sounds strange!

I mean it is even nearly impossible to get a Master degree in mechanical engineering with a Bachelor in physics.

And now you come up with business bachelor.......
I know it's strange. Have you ever heard of Dr. Klaus Schwab? He's the founder of the World Economic Forum. He has a Master's in Public Administration, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and another PhD in Economics. So, I'm guessing it can be done.