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Jan21-09, 08:02 PM
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Need help, mind and body failure due to SALVIA

If i can recall correctly (lol) it was 10x extract of Salvia Dinorum. and yes i know this is not a site which deals with the habits of recreational drug users but let me remind you that no laws were broken and i am only concerned with awakening my mind which i can only hope pertains to medical science. i was hoping that someone could pin point a problem from such symptoms as decreased circulation decrease respiratory activity, and complete lack of involuntary movements. whatever these are symptomatic of please let me know no matter what the damage is. and also your right in saying there are few complaints of people having long term effects from salvia but beleive you me after experiencing such the highly effortless highly consciousness state that is salvia dinorum you will be set down the wrong path of seeking awareness... anyways any insight to how i can get my brain on the right path would be amazing.