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May25-04, 03:44 AM
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Quote Quote by Monique
For the past week I have been getting errors, that I tried accessing my account too many times with the wrong password, so it locks me out and tells me to wait until the block is taken off

But I never used a wrong password any time [?]

Someone had the same experience? Maybe someone is trying to hack into my account.. that wouldn't be good.. nice friends I have..

Luckily I am able to bypass the block and get in anyway, but it is starting to annoy me.. let's see what hotmail has to say about it (when they take the effort to actually provide service).
plz my email address is
plz send me and solve my problem i m really to much woried in this.
14 days has passed but facing still that msg.
You have made too many unsuccessful sign-in attempts with an incorrect password for:

Your account is temporarily unavailable. This is a temporary delay that helps prevent someone else from guessing or obtaining your password