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May9-09, 05:25 PM
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Hi everyone! Thanks so much for the responses. I'm definitely now strongly leaning towards the calculus-based version. I'm very relieved that I don't need to go back and take trig (old and decrepit as I am, I can still find the sin and cos keys on a calculator without TOO much difficulty).
Does anyone know of a website that would make a decent calc refresher?

Cantab: Vet school actually requires the GRE, not the MCAT. They used to have a VCAT, which was pretty much comparable to the MCAT, but given the small number of vet school applicants, it wasn't profitable enough for ETS to keep making it, Since there's no subject-matter testing on the GRE (they only require the general test, which is very similar to the SAT verbal + math), there's no need to worry about knowing enough physics to pass the standardized test. It's just a prereq for admission.
Unfortunately, the prerequisites for vet school admission aren't as standardized as for med schools. Obviously, the first thing I did was make sure that the vet schools don't require the calc-based class. The dozen or so vet schools I'm considering will accept any physics sequence that lasts 2 or more semesters as long it includes a lab. The algebra-based class is perfectly acceptable (as it is for med students. I doubt whether there would even be an algebra-based sequence if there weren't a zillion pre-meds who needed it).