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Oct7-09, 08:04 PM
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How do you explain why the models predicted changes above 4 degrees when co2 was doubled, yet our changes have been merely .6 degrees.

CO2 levels have not doubled. They have risen from about 285ppm to 386ppm.
That equates to 0.44 of a doubling (=LOG((386/285),2)-1).
Climate sensitivity over the long term to CO2 doubling is more likely about 3C/doubling.
So, we expect about 1.3C of warmth from the rise in CO2.

However, there has been a increase in cloudiness over the last century from sulfate aerosals
that has resulted in about 0.5C of cooling.

The total temperature increase from 1850-1899 to 2001-2005 is 0.76C 0.19C.