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Jan17-10, 05:14 AM
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I'm a sophmore in high school, right now im in honors chemistry and algebra 2, (if you are familiar with science bowl, my school, mira loma, won last year)

I want to learn trig and eventually calculus on my own, with the hopes of understanding highschool and college level physics. I have an old textbook from my dad's study, its by Mcgraw hill and it says "Plane Trigonometry with Tables"(1974) is this a good textbook to learn from? If not what is a better method and what would be better for learning calculus and physics on my own?

Also, what are the REAL pre-req.s to learn calculus and trig because theres a lot of stuff I hear like Pre Calculus is not really related or used in Calculus, so what do I need to learn then?
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