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Mar11-10, 09:52 PM
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And, I need to improve my website, to build it organically, as you mentioned it earlier.

I think I found the right tools to do just that.

I follow TrendCentral on my second Twitter account

And I came across this article : Trendcentral: The New Jury Duty? - HOW PEOPLE ARE USING THE WEB TO SIZE UP THEIR OWN BEHAVIOR

A new crop of websites allows users to ask for anonymous feedback about themselves
from both friends and strangers, When assessment is solicited.

The tools I think I'll be using are:

- Digital Slambooks :
- Report Cards : BetterMe
- People's Court : Side Taker and Instant Jury

I may use issues raised on The Marriage Ref on my website to get reactions, thus creating more traffic.

I've just discovered these tools. I need to read about them.

What do you think about these tools?