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jack action
Nov28-10, 10:34 AM
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The friction force "killing my efforts" so to speak, should be the same;
the normal force is the same (my mass doesn't change), and the friction coefficient should be the same aswell (the material of the tire is obviously the same, and the surface shape is the same), so the friction coeffecient should very well be the same if you ask me.
Yes, the friction coefficient stays the same, but not the rolling resistance coefficient!

Furthermore, the friction coefficient have nothing to do with the effort you have to give. The friction only reacts to how much force you put at the tire contact patch. The friction coefficient represents the maximum force you CAN put on the road.

This is not the case with rolling resistance coefficient which represents the actual force you have to fight to keep moving forward.

Find more about the subject on this link (It uses car to explain the theory, but everything applies to bicycle as well). Check the theory tab at the bottom of the page.