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Sep11-04, 06:34 PM
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Dual core CPU

Quote Quote by Greg Bernhardt
For a normal or ever power user, it doesn't make much sense.
For a laptop user who wants power efficiency and cost economy, it seems to make sense:

  • By 2006 ... two cores ... will be found in ... 70 percent of ... mobile ... products.

Usually dual processors are ment for servers.
Parallel multi-processing is meant for achieving maximum performance-economy. Sometimes it is done more for economy. Sometimes it is done more for novel levels of performance:

  • Q.What about parallel machines?

    A. Machines with many processors are much faster than single processors can be. Parallelism itself presents no advantages, and parallel machines are somewhat awkward to program. When extreme speed is required, it is necessary to face this awkwardness.

If you get a single p4 3.4 with good memory your computer will be fast enough for anything.
  • ... My 486/50 is fast enough for the jobs I run on it. I've got a 486/33 that's serving as a mail/web server that's fast enough.