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May31-11, 08:28 AM
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Utter nonsense.

Here's my theory: a giant invisible unicorn runs on the planet causing earthquakes. Under your view, it is true until someone shows it is not. As you can never prove it is not it therefore must be true.
Are you sure you read my post? (Or maybe my poor English failed again...).
I just distinguished among theories originated by phenomena and theories originated by formulas.
Scala's theory originates from formulas and it requires verification of its validity. It does not say "as antigravity exist, these must be the formulas".

Einstein theories have been fully demonstrated some dozens of years AFTER he created them starting from existing formulas, for example, because no suitable technology existed yet to verify them (for example, gravitational lens effect created by huge, far galaxies).

Existence of exoplanets has been demonstrated as possible dozens (hundreds?) of years ago, but the first one was actually discovered in 1995.

Current theories say Dark Matter and Dark Energy must exist, but we do not yet have any evidence of them (although I must say I don't think they exist, I think our theory is just wrong: what is missing is some terms in our formulas, not "mysterious matter around").

And so on...