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Jul4-11, 03:29 AM
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Comparing this website with the one I linked to in post#21 of this thread I think that 'Ratch' and 'Ratchit' are one and the same person. I note he signs himself Ratch in cabraham's E-Tech thread, although his handle is 'ratchit'.
Yep probably the same, but probably avoiding ban by mods. Following your links, I note a constant parade of odd questionable events there. Mods freely using personal attacks? And misusing moderator power while participating in battles with users? Multiplying sockpuppets and constant deceptive practice. The usual anti-trolls rule against namecalling is missing.

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In June 2008 he started the thread I linked to (post#21) by referring to your site (amasci) as proof that 'transistors are voltage controlled not current controlled'.
<red sweaty face>BUT THEY ARE!!!</red sweaty face>

But seriously, my article originally was written in response to this question: what's a good way to explain the BJT to my grandmother? Or equivalently, how can we simplify the BJT down to the point where its operation becomes obvious to anyone?

Here's an appropriate comment: Simplifers and complexifiers

Of course that question is entirely different from this one: what's the single best transistor model, the One True Path which all Proper chip engineers should use? Never ask that one, since it's a recipe for endless "Swiftian Battles."

A Swiftian battle is where two populations are driven to nearly-murderous rage over disagreement regarding the One True Way to crack an egg. In Gulliver's Travels, the two Lilliputan countries were slaughtering each other because every Proper citizen knows that morning breakfast eggs must be cracked on the pointed end ...and those despicable Outsider Others who disagree, they're disgusting heretics who need prompt incineration. :) Johnathan Swift clearly was well acquainted with the academics of his time. Tiny little men? Best way to "crack an egg?" Obvious rage and a desire to silence the blasphemous opponents?

My transistor article inadvertently triggers one of these battles when I wrap the original goal inside another one: "How do they REALLY work." The flames break out. Even Win Hill of Art of Electronics arrived and put in his two cents.