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Jul6-11, 02:11 AM
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Yes, I am well aware of the target audience.
OK, thanks! And yes, comparing narrow base to extremely wide base is an excellent teaching strategy of which I previously hadn't heard.

Regarding canon, earlier you stated that the Ebers-Moll model is a CC model, and their original paper employed current-controlled current sources. Correct?

Are you certain that you're not misinterpreting something? N.b. that your assertion regarding Ebers-Moll being a CC model goes entirely contrary to numerous undergrad Uni books which give the following CV (large signal transconductance) equation as the central feature of Ebers-Moll model:
Ic=Is*(exp(Vbe/Vt)-1) (for large hfe of course, alpha ~=1)
Is this not canon? If the above CV equation isn't "Ebers-Moll model," then you've discovered a vast flaw in an enormous number of textbooks.