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I'm trying to understand the details of Ebers-Moll.

Based on your semiconductor expertise, would you say that the
Ebers-Moll model depicts the BJT as a current-controlled device?
Yes, that is what figure 5 on page 1765 depicts.
I'll take a look.

Beware, this could be a case similar to Maxwell's Equations. Go to Maxwell's original work and you won't find his four equations. Maxwell never actually wrote those four, and probably wasn't aware they existed. Maxwell attacked the problem in an obscure way, employing magnetic vector potential, quaternions, and writing twenty equations. Later scientists came in and revised everything, producing the four equations known today. If you rely on Maxwell as the "horse's mouth," then you'd be in big trouble. (Officially the four equations are today called the Hertz/Heaviside equations. But Maxwell discovered the original mathematical form which describes EM fields.) See 2008 Microwave Journal, 23 years: Acceptance of Maxwell Theory