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Oct28-11, 07:22 AM
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I'm putting it down to this: both you and Peter 'know' I probably have everything wrong, so what I actually argue tends to go in one ear and out the other, to be replaced with an image of what 'I probably meant', and then proceed to tear down that straw man. Point to anywhere, not just above but any previous entry, where I claimed what you think I did. I'm not so stupid as to imagine that running a hoop over an 'egg' allows one to detect 3-curvature at all. Have endlessly now referred to this as 2D analogue of 3D situation. Having said that, there *is* I think an in principle 2D manifestation of 3-curvature, which will be discussed in another posting.
Then it is not a straw men. Your last sentence is a mathematical falsehood, with no possible valid interpretation. That is, anything you can detect restricted to a 2-surface (or thin 3-analog of it) will tell you nothing about presence of absence of spatial curvature.