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Oct30-11, 09:00 AM
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And I ask you again to think about my simple embedding example. The surface of a globe is non-euclidean. The globe is sitting in a flat euclidean 3-space. Contradiction? No. The embedded space is curved, the space embedded in happens to be flat.
No problem in agreeing with that situation.
Also recall my discussion with Peter: the SC geometry allows embedding of completely flat 3-space regions. The K factor is actually a feature of a particular class of observers (static observers, which are non-inertial observers), not something intrinsic to the geometry. It is analogous to distortions seen in an accelerating rocket in flat spacetime - a feature of the observer, not the intrinsic spacetime geometry. GP observers in the same SC geometry, experience absolutely flat 3-space.
In that more generaized context I see the point, no problems.