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Nov9-11, 08:32 PM
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Im an undegrad engineering student and Im really interested in high end physics and meta physics. I also like to read a lot so I've got myself a large number of books that I have to carry around with me.

Recently I decided to buy an iPad so I can do some reading (seeing iphone's "iBooks") but after some research I stumbled upon Amazon's Kindle. It was great since the price was lower and it didnt do the same stuff that my phone and my computer does; it simply did what i wanted it to.

However I looked around their library (kindle book's store) and it didnt seem to have that many books which I would be interested in. Sure they had all the best sellers, but they were mostly novels and such. Not as many scientific books.

So to all you kindle users out there, how do you find the kindle library? do you even use a kindle or you think its pointless or prefer actual books?

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