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Dec20-11, 07:21 AM
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But Marcus, from the site you shared at
It is stated:

"At ultra-high densities, with the whole of the observable universe squeezed into a volume much smaller than that of an atom"

In other words, billions and billions of galaxies in energy form can fit the volumn smaller than the size of a single atom? Do you agree? If so, then planck volume can fit the energy of at least one galaxy like the milky way. Agree or disagree?
As I understand it in GR there is no classical limit to energy density. So by definition you can have infinite energy in any arbitrarily defined space. It was obviously permitted in other frameworks such as in frameworks for GM - why? - because that is the nature of the early U as can be seen by observation. (Extremely high and mostly uniform energy densities.)

Why does the planck volume hold such significance in your opinion?