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Dec22-11, 01:55 AM
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Indeed, I am. So in a sense it is almost like the dew point of a liquid? I'm imagining the small little vapor bubbles forming simultaneously being similar to the release of energy and matter from many places of the universe?
No. Imagine being a raisin inside a muffin in the oven. As the muffin starts to rise, all the other raisins seem to get further away from you as the muffin bakes. The muffin is like space and the raisins are like galaxies. The big difference is that a muffin occupies a finite volume. The universe is thought not to. Imagine being inside an infinitely large muffin mix. The raisins 10 miles from you would be receding from you at a much higher rate than the raisins next to you. This is all the "Big Bang" is. It is simply that the universe was once in a much denser state than we are now, similar to how the muffin mix is much thicker before cooked. No explosion, no bang.