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Dec27-11, 08:31 AM
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Mood-altering crystals

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What about the claim that crystals can heal or change moods? Total B.S?
As far as "change moods" they function in much the same way as a little water foutain, or a USB-powered yapping dog toy, or pretty much anything else. If seeing a crystal changes your moods, then crystals have the power to change your mood.

For me, LOLCats have more mood changing properties than crystals.

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Yes, but if I tell you to close your eyes, put out your hand, and ask you what you feel without suggesting any particular sensation, why should you feel a moving heat spot?
Perhaps other individuals experience it in some other way. We have a sample size of one. I would bet that I wouldn't feel anything at all, and someone else might feel a cooling sensation. Maybe you feel whatever you most associate with "healing." Perhaps, in this case, the mark is most used to "heating pads" as a healing method as opposed to "ice packs."

Just an idea.