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Feb16-12, 06:51 PM
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There are two kinds of gauge? I'm only familiar with that in gauge transformation. Maybe you are referring to the abelian (QED) and non-abelian (Electroweak) sense? In the first case of linearized gravity, it's abelian and in the case of GR.. it's non-abelian (where internal rotations won't take you to the same place). Is this what you are referring to?
No, I was saying there are two meanings of gauge, that's all. The first meaning is less specific, and just means different mathematical expressions describe the same physics. The second meaning is more specific and means a field that has the structure of a Yang-Mills field. Gravity is only a gauge theory in the first sense.

But on second thoughts, in the linear case, there is an analogy between gravity and electromagnetism.