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Feb23-12, 04:05 PM
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I went to college for photography and still have my old Pentax K-1000. That was a large fraction of a century ago. Since then, I've been doing fine with my point & shoot (Canon 630) for years.

But on recent vaykays, my picture-taking has exceeded my camera's abilities. I want to step up. But I'm kind of behind the times DSLR-wise.

A friend has a Canon Rebel XTi 400 that he's not using. He bought it for 800, but now can only get 200 for it. It's got the stock 28-55 plus something longer (not sure, maybe 80 or 110?) It's 10.1MP (Hee, a mere 2MP more than my phone...).

I've read the SLR thread, and will be refining what I want in a camera, but nothing specific.

It might suit my needs but I see that this camera is now more than 5 years old. Is that alone enough to make it not worth it at any reasonable discount?

Say he wouldn't part with it for less than ... $400-500. Would it still be a bargain or has DSLR technology advanced that much in 5 years?
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