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Mar5-12, 12:54 AM
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Just to help you out here, inflation refers specifically to the very earliest phase of the universe's life (as we currently understand it). The more general expansion is refered to simply as "expansion".

As far as your question goes, the answer is pretty much no. Velocity and Gravity are the two ways in which time dilation occur. Since both are at their minimum out in deep space, time will be as unaffected as you can get it.
Thank you for your answer.

If I may with a follow up question, at the beginning, was time affected by inflation, or was the inflation itself the primary cause of the relative motion of anything that existed?

also, please let me know if I should be posting elsewhere with such ignorant questions (perhaps homework forum though im not in school, 4 chan, or entertainment weekly's forum) please believe I have done lots of reading on my own; ineptitude is the cause of my ignorance, not laziness.