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Mar8-12, 07:05 PM
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Hey all,

so i just got into using Traktor Pro 2 and a VCI-100 to do live mixes of songs, and i want to host a party. Im going to have an LCD TV displaying an animation behind me and I want it to display my "DJ Name." Only problem is I have no idea what I want my "DJ name" to be, i want it to be physics related (as i am a physics major) and pretty nerdy, but not so nerdy that it's only physics majors would get what the word is and preferably sound or DJ related (but not necessary).

Some ideas i have come up with (some without DJ infront because it sounds better and i don't necessarily want the "DJ" in front anyway because it sounds more original):
  • Spin Glass (both the model and the turntables, haha)
  • Doppler
  • Darkspeed (opposite of lightspeed haha)
  • DJ Quark
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