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Mar30-12, 04:15 PM
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Actually, no. The uncertainty is a built in characteristic of particles, not an experimental limit. A particle at any time occupies several positions, and literally exists as a wavefunction. The view that you are expressing was that of Albert Einstein, but today we know (from John Bell) that wavefunctions are very much real, not just probabilistic descriptions.
Well, heck, if my understanding of quantum mechanics has caught up to Einstein, I shouldn't feel too badly! :-)

So the wavefunction really exists. Particles really are smeared, and in several places at once. They look like they are in one place when we observe them, but only because our observation "kills their buzz."

So, here's my really big question: How does one go about gaining some sense of intuitive comfort with this part of reality. I'm past the feeling that it must all be some form of dark magic at work... but only just.