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Oct29-12, 09:14 AM
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That makes sense, the book only gave a sample of about 10 questions so I guess I failed to see the big picture. Thank you!

I wasnt thinking of the median, but that would work too. I was thinking of mode, because say for example with juggling, many many many people can juggle only 2 balls, this is the mode but nobody can juggle less than 1 ball and a few people can juggle 6 and a few more 5 and a few more 4 and a few more 3.. so that even though the majority of people that you ask will say 2, you might end up with an average of 3.

So if I say I think Im a below average juggler because I can juggle 2 balls, Im actually right, but the fact is Im a perfectly normal juggler, because its normal to be below average in this case.