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Dec29-04, 04:26 PM
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I have to say, potassium chlorate is indeed very fun to, excuse the word, play with. I have made some pretty cool demonstrations for other people with the meager amounts I have, some of the good ones I video taped and edited on the computer which I hope to put on a web site one day soon.
Most recently, I made a "rocket powered car" using a glass jar and chlorate, it didnt work as I expected from the other tests, but I did succeed in moving the car 10 inches before it burst compleately into flames.

Your set up was much more advanced than mine, certainly using more solution and prioducing much more.
But I think I will give it another go, I just need to get a power source, I might have an old trash computer with a working power supply I can for this purpose, I will look into it.
Did you make an extra effor in your cell to control the temperature and pH to get maximum efficency? When you ran it, how big of a problem was the water clouding up and dissolving electrodes?
I would be evry interested in seeing the picture you have of your setup if you can locate it.