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Nov11-12, 01:49 AM
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Hey there. I am an Aspie and I'm a combat vet with PTSD too. So I have quite a bit in common with you. First, I want to say it is very possible for someone who has Aspergers and PTSD to do well in academics. I did very well. However, I also want to say is that you just cannot go into this with no help.

You need to do a few things.
  1. Receive treatment or therapy for your Aspergers
  2. Receive treatment or therapy for PTSD
  3. Make a plan that is reasonanble.

In order to get better control of your life, seek help, start with your plan slowly, and find people that understand and will help you stay motivated. I'm not good at giving advice on handle Aspergers and PTSD, and everyone is different. I can say this.

Whenever I met someone new, I make it a point to tell the person my issues. Generally it goes like: "Hi, my name is ____ and since we are going to be working with each other, I think you should know I have XXX and XXX. This causes me to do YYY and sometimes YYY. A lot of time it seems like I'm unaware of people's reactions, and usually I am, so please tell me if there are any issues, I am very open and willing to discuss anything. If you have more questions I will happily answer them!"

Once people know they can talk to me about things I do that bother them, and that I'm able to receive their concerns, things go a lot better. People understand if I'm crabby at work or non-talkative or non-observant to certain norms.