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Nov11-12, 09:36 AM
P: 28
Whoa thanks, it's definitely good to hear I'm not alone!

I never thought about telling other people my situation, I guess this would help. I zone out when people talk to me for more than 30 seconds so people tend to think I'm a jerk because I show no interest.

When you say therapist/treatment what do you mean? I didn't know you could get therapy for Aspergers...when I was diagnosed all they said was I had it and that was it. I wasn't referred to anyone or anything. Is this something I can get help from through the VA or Vet Center?

The therapist I'm seeing now is helping me with my PTSD, as I tend to get angry/anxious around groups of people - which is a problem if I'm going back to school.

You gave me hope that I can do this, thanks.